Business Unit Strategy

Business Unit strategy is where corporate strategy comes to life. It drives superior financial performance and seeks to align corporate, business unit and functional strategies and action plans. We work in partnership with your team to develop, enhance and execute your business strategy with a focus on the following:

  • Differentiated business unit vision and mission
  • Powerful competitive business unit strategic thrusts
  • Clear Business Unit performance objectives
  • Business Unit resource allocation to priority opportunities
  • Cultural change at the Business Unit level
  • A Business Unit structure to support performance and deliver distinctive competitive advantage

Our approach is uniquely suited to add value because of our practical emphasis on business results through the lenses of culture, communications and execution. Working across corporate, business unit and operational strategy we ensure that your business unit strategy both reflects the corporate imperatives and is seamlessly reflected in your operational strategy. In this way we ensure that your business unit strategy ultimately meets the needs of the corporation and your customers.