Corporate Strategy

One of the greatest challenges facing corporations today is how to create value across different business units. Issues of corporate strategy apply to firms of every size. At B&C we help leadership identify and implement strategies that add value and manage strategic uncertainty across all business units. Our firm supports our clients in appropriately investing in a valuable set of resources, crafting solid business portfolios, and designing the organizational structure, systems and corporate functions to share activities or transfer skills across business units.


Every corporation must perfect how to identify valuable resources and strengthen core competencies that add value to the corporate portfolio. By effectively identifying the resources, processes and values that have made your company successful, B&C will ensure you successfully identify those assets that will propel you to where you want to be.

Business Portfolio

A solid corporate strategy is critical to crafting the right corporate portfolio. It determines which markets to enter and exit, what products to develop, and which initiatives to sponsor. More generally this requires developing a portfolio that is adaptable to changes in the external environment. We help our clients identify the composition of the corporate portfolio, examine approaches to resource allocation and make the choice between internal development of new business lines and corporate M&A.


Successful corporations must have integrated systems, structures, and policies to consistently achieve growth. With a focus on understanding what makes your organization tick, B&C will support you in making design choices, examining the role of corporate headquarters in shaping and controlling business unit strategy and performance, building centers of excellence, and sharing knowledge.