Enterprise Transformation

B&C Internationals Enterprise Transformation engagements are typically for organizations that generally have standardized processes and a functional organizational structure.  Enterprise Transformations are not quick fixes; they are for successful organizations that understand that optimal performance is a way of thinking that permeates throughout your company culture.  Unlike many of our consulting counterparts, we are willing to transfer our knowledge to our clients and train them on the principles of NIIMBALSM Methodology and incorporate its use into the initiation of a Continuous Process Improvement Program.

The drivers of Enterprise Transformations usually fall into 1 or more of the following categories:

  • The interest in capturing Potentially Greater Opportunities
  • The need to mitigate internal risks and weaknesses
  • Declining market Performance or Cash Flow
  • The need for a new value proposition
  • The need to provide an old value proposition in a fundamentally new way
  • Competition That is Transforming
  • The need to leverage internal strength
  • Potential Market or Technology Threats


B&C International has had great success in helping organizations realize impressive returns on their growth and performance improvement efforts using NIIMBAL℠ methodology and we are confident that it will be no different with your organization.

NIIMBAL℠ methodology is effective at delivering value to our clients for the following reasons:

  • Quantifies the financial impact of all improvement projects
  • Supports staff previously trained in other process improvement tools
  • Ensures return on investment from staff process improvement training initiatives
  • Encompasses how to use various business methodologies simultaneously
  • Provides a strategy for tackling complex problems
  • Makes the value of improved performance visible to the entire organization
  • Engrains process improvement within any organization
  • Improves collaboration between process improvement teams and stakeholders
  • Focuses on deployment of solutions rather than documented solutions
  • Uses a cross-functional team-based approach to generate business results
  • Provides a platform for testing and deploying current and future innovations
  • Allows the enterprise to consistently maximize its talent

NIIMBAL vs Traditional_3