Diversity & Inclusion

For over 50 years B&C has been at the forefront of Diversity, from the Oval Office to the counters of Woolsworth sit-ins, our involvement and influence on Diversity and its evolution to Inclusion is unmatched. Our founder, Dr. Robert Brown’s work on race relations and Diversity and Inclusion related Executive Orders, hiring practices, and the civil rights movement are in large part key to today’s awareness of the value of diversity. Despite universal acceptance of the notion of D&I, even well-practiced organizations have great difficulty executing these intentions.

Our value goes beyond our noteworthy contribution to history!

Our value is not what we know about Diversity and Inclusion, it’s how we combine what we know with our expertise in strategy, operations, PR and change management to drive returns on investment. It’s that ability to connect the dots and infuse D&I into strategy that erases the risk of failed initiatives. B&C designs and executes Diversity & Inclusion tactics that are sensitive to our client’s cultural dynamics and aligned with their goals and objectives.

In addition to doing what’s right, we use Inclusion to do what’s smart!

Many great firms exist that specialize in various aspects of D&I. Choosing a D&I partner that only has knowledge and expertise in diversity and inclusion is one of the most common mistakes made by organizations today. Organizations need a partner that has knowledge not just of diversity strategies and exercises, but has a breadth and depth in multiple business functions. B&C has garnered that breadth and depth to ensure diversity and inclusion has its intended impact.

We work with organizations based on the opportunity for lasting effect. We are expanding the impact of D&I, beyond tactical activities. The work of our D&I practice is scalable and applicable to the challenges of Fortune companies, small businesses, foundations and not-for-profits.

To create an inclusive culture, we explore the below areas and many more:

  • Unconscious Bias – By leading honest evaluations of personal and corporate bias, an awareness is developed to reduce exclusion.
  • Cultural blending – Fostering the process of blending different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives in team environments to unearth innovation, efficiency and value.
  • Generational trends – Exploring and understanding how Gen-X and millennials define diversity, inclusion and expression and how those definitions spark their motivation, innovation and commitment.
  • Board Room Inclusion – Understanding the complexities of the organization from the eyes of the Board of Directors and appropriate committees to identify potential new directors with diverse expertise, talent and global perspective.

Inclusiveness is a notion that needs to be culturally adopted in order to drive innovation and the intentions of strategy.

By now, progressive companies and organizations have intently built diverse teams and perspectives that mirror the markets they serve, but even those that do it well understand there’s a lot left to be done to stay ahead in a dynamic and ever-evolving marketplace.