Section 1

    Section 2

    Are your Founder’s 1st time entrepreneurs?
    How long have you been in business?

    Do you currently have a presence in the US?
    Are you utilizing any means of e-commerce?

    Section 3

    Have you raised capital?

    Have you received any grants?

    Have you participated within in any Accelerators, Innovation Hubs?

    Are you interested in expanding to the U.S.?

    What industry are you in?

    Are you open to joint ventures or business agreements?

    Do you currently have a Sales Force?

    If you are product based, are you currently manufacturing your products?

    Do your facilities meet any global certifications/qualifications?

    What is your current production capacity?

    Please describe your current business development efforts. (200 word limit)
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    Please describe your current customer and your projected customer. (200 word limit)
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    Section 4

    What problem do you solve, or gap do you fill in the marketplace?
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    How are you differentiated from other like products or services currently available?
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    What is the impact of more people or businesses buying your product or service?
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    Section 5

    Describe your exit strategy
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    What is your company’s audacious goal
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    List your Global and US Certifications
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