B&C Access Application

Why B&C International

B&C International (B&C) is the oldest Black-owned global strategy and business advisory consulting firm in the United States. It has multiple Memorandum of Understanding agreements with U.S. and African entities established to drive U.S. – African commercial engagement. B&C has played a vital role in business expansion and investment between the United States and the continent of Africa for over 40 years. Through its philanthropic arm, B&C’s leadership is responsible for the U.S. shipment of over 5 million books, the opening of over 200 libraries, and countless socks and school supplies to the continent of Africa. Its transatlantic ecosystem includes U.S. and African small businesses, corporations, governments, industry associations, educational institutions, tribal leaders, and High Net Worth Individuals. B&C is dedicated to transferring its global access and international business advisory experience.

B&C International – Yale Africa Startup Review collaboration

To reward YASR30 featured companies & finalists, the Yale Africa Startup Review intends to address key barriers to cross-border market access for startups in the non-durable consumer product space by aligning their needs with partner networks. B&C’s access to US based governmental agencies, industry associations, and investors provides an opportunity for YASR30-featured or selected nominated startups in this niche space.

Who should apply

African-owned or led companies innovating in the non-durable consumer goods space that would benefit from access to B&C International’s access to digital and physical shelf space.

If selected, YASR30 featured or select nominated startups will be engaged to:

Explore opportunities to Identify digital and physical shelf/inventory space for non-durable consumer goods by engaging US Black-owned, minority, and women-owned businesses. 

Initiate opportunities for select startups to be positioned with VC’s, innovation hubs, and accelerators connected to capital sources and may also help in identifying proof of concept and pilot engagements with corporate clients.

Application cycle

Interested applicants must submit their application online before the 30th of April 2021.

Candidates will be interviewed and decisions to participate will be made on a rolling basis.

Terms and Conditions

These terms represent our relationship with participant (you) and B&C International.


Resources being offered are offered through B&C’s small business growth ecosystem. You therefore understand that resources and strategies will vary. Any discussions leading to subsequent commercial engagements with parties within our ecosystem are executed between you and the engaging party.


B&C International endeavors to identify growth opportunities for African businesses.  The strategy that we offer will be based on the information you provide on your current and aspirational state. 

Once B&C evaluates and understands your current state and growth strategy, we will inventory our resources seeking value-add linkages.  These linkages are initiated to assist you in new market access. You are not required to accept this support, however, this may gradually affect your access to this ecosystem.

Scope of B&C’s Assistance

We shall provide reasonable care in our dealings with you, however, given the complexities of global business development, we; (i) are not a replacement for external or internal Strategic or Business Development planning or execution (ii) any strategy we recommend is developed specifically for your company and growth trajectory and is not intended for other product lines, companies or ventures (iii) we are not liable for any claim in tort, contract or any other civil claim arising out of or in connection with B&C International.

As with any consultancy engagement, B&C cannot guarantee digital or physical shelf space through our network.  We are not liable for any claim in tort, contract or any other civil claim arising out of or in connection to B&C’s network.

Term of the Reward

Engagements shall operate for a period of 5 months commencing on April the 30th of 2021, barring any mutually agreed upon extension of time.

You may opt out of consulting services any time after the engagement begins provided that you offer 30 (thirty) days’ notice to B&C International.

Your permission to Communicate

An important aspect of B&C International’s work on the continent of Africa is to build small business-focused ecosystems that redefine the narrative on the opportunity of and for African SMEs, to excite U.S. based corporations and investors in the potential for African solutions, and to spark innovation among African owned and led businesses.  As we collaboratively achieve success, B&C would like to highlight and share non-confidential aspects of your success. You therefore agree that the publication of these successes is crucial to the success and innovation of others.  We will mutually agree upon the message and disclosure of your success in advance.

In parallel and upon mutual agreement, you may wish to publish a short description of the consultancy award in your various media channels and promotional materials. You hereby agree to this and understand that it is for information or promotion purposes only, it is not an endorsement of your goods or services.


B&C International respects strict confidentiality with each of its clients. B&C will only use information it is provided in a manner that is associated with progressing your project.  Any disclosure of your success we use for publication, marketing, speaking engagements will only be provided anonymously.

Any information B&C shares with you or introductions it makes on your behalf is developed specifically for you and should not be shared.