What We Look For

Everyone in our firm has been selected based on their experience, perspective and who they are. We understand the value of different thoughts, positions and beliefs. Our problem solvers typically fall into 3 distinct categories.


These individuals see it, hear it and go get it. They often are the pulse and the first step to high impact engagements. B&C researchers have an insatiable desire to answer the question – Why? They support and provide knowledge to client teams and play pivotal roles in our firm’s execution.


These are typically people who have exceptional expertise in a particular field or function and are poised to let their expertise flourish. Though they are specialists, they are capable of and enjoy working in a team environment.


These consultants are the role players you can’t win a championship without. They are team oriented and have the ability to work in various industries without sacrificing innovation. For B&C, Generalists are great listeners and support the development of critical client solutions.