International Strategy

As a result of our work in emerging markets, we have established strong and seasoned governmental, tribal and business ties that have well positioned our firm to help our clients effectively navigate these international terrains. Through our research and seasoned relationships, we offer recommendations and guidance in the following areas:

  • Business planning and modeling
  • Risk management
  • Financial restructuring
  • Political negotiation
  • Merger and acquisition support

Primary Source Report

B&C’s Primary Source Reports are assessments facilitated and provided to clients who aspire or who have expanded operations internationally and are seeking to mitigate risk and generate positive returns on their investments.

Unlike the international feasibility assessments of many other firms, our information is not general or solely internet-based. Our information comes from ‘on the ground’ primary sources that are well respected and informed.

With over 40 years of international work we have cultivated long-term relationships into ‘on the ground’ resources for our clients. As a result of this unparalleled ‘on the ground’ access our clients are able to mitigate many risks associated with getting a return from the investment of international expansion. Our international assets equip clients with the intelligence, insight and influence necessary to build a strong international brand.

Primary Source Report information may include:

  • Market and Cultural Assessments
  • Opportunity, Risk and Stakeholder Analysis
  • “How to Get Things Done” Recommendations
  • Necessary In-Country Contacts
  • Unwritten Governmental and Business Process