Due Diligence

B&C’s experience helping our clients identify growth opportunities and solve post-transaction crises have equipped our firm with a holistic perspective on the business intelligence necessary for our clients to make informed decisions. More than just an understanding of risk, we strive to give our clients a vantage point that will enable them to confidently transition from idea to implementation.

Our due diligence projects whether assessing new markets, evaluating financial implications, piloting process solutions or ensuring deals are aligned with business objectives that result in value achievement.

Our Due Diligence capacities include:

  • Supply Chain Operations Diligence
  • Business Plan Review
  • Providing deal insight
  • Identifying performance gaps and profit improvement opportunities
  • Identifying challenges and potential synergies
  • Manufacturing and Operations Evaluation
  • Operational and Financial Evaluations
  • Business Process Evaluations
  • Sales & Marketing Effectiveness Assessment