Talent Management

By now just about every company understands the value of human capital and its relationship to success, survival or failure. During both great years and not so great years retaining talent can be a struggle, especially the highly qualified. Through our experiences working with companies in various stages of their growth life cycle, we’ve found that even the most successful companies experience challenges juggling the constant evolution of corporate strategy and refining their culture to:

  • Close talent gaps
  • Source new talent needs
  • Nurture talent from multiple generations
  • Attract and retain talent

B&C’s approach to garnering a deep understanding of our client’s culture, issues and aspirations allows us to provide practical insight into how to keep your workforce engaged, innovative and committed to fulfilling your vision. Our solutions are for companies seeking long-term agility and a motivated workforce.

Our capabilities include:

  • Executive placement
  • Personality testing and evaluation
  • Succession planning
  • Career management techniques
  • Performance metric evaluation
  • Competency evaluation and management
  • Leadership and manager effectiveness