B&C International is a Global Business Management Consulting firm headquartered in High Point, North Carolina. BCI among the oldest African American owned global business management consulting firms in the United States.  For more than 50 years, we have helped our clients solve their most challenging concerns, avert risk, achieve operational excellence and sustainable profitability.

Global Social Impact and Corporate Citizenship

In 19xx Robert J. Brown founded International Booksmart Foundation to tackle one of the toughest challenges on the Continent of Africa. Each year we help leading corporations and individuals address the issue of educational access in Africa. IBSF believes the often overlooked key to addressing disease, poverty and crime is educational access. Giving children the opportunity to learn and grow intellectually is the greatest gift we can bestow on them. However, the children in many rural African villages are denied basic education for the lack of resources. It is our heartfelt belief that by providing the tools of education to the children of Africa, you not only provide them the opportunity to better their lives, but these tools provide the basis for their future economic and social contribution to the world. The IBSF collects, sorts, ships and distributes donated books and resources directly to the children who benefit the most. It is our belief that by improving the educational resources available to the children of Africa, real change will occur in their lives. Since our founding, we have distributed, free of charge over 5 million books and school supplies to children, schools and townships in Africa and have set up over 300 libraries. If you are interested in expanding or supplementing your current Corporate Citizenship efforts please email our office at xxxxxxxx@bandcinternational.com